SF Miss Abrams 468Z

R10213517 • 468Z • Polled • 1/24/2012 • Gen:5 • AI

She ranks in the top 5% for yearling weight and top 10% for weaning weight and ribeye; plus, she ranks in the top 15% for IMF. Impressive ratios of 108 weaning weight, 111 yearling weight and ribeye of 116.

Ms Salacoa Stonewall 23Z88

R10227889 • 23Z88 • Polled • 12/9/2012 • Gen:6 • ET

She is an own daughter of the $18,500 donor, 23T721. 23T721 has weaned 17 at 102 weaning ratio for Salacoa Valley and 3 at 103 yearling ratio and 105 ribeye ratio. Her dam is the $10,000 MVP of Salacoa Valley, 23M28. Her sire, Stonewall, is one of the most consistent and moderate breeding Csonka son. 23Z88 weaned at 624 lbs to ratio 111 and projects 8 EPD traits in the breed's top 40% or better. The consistency of this flush, her power and quality lead us to believe she is a donor prospect in the making.

WAT Ms Guardian 362Z10

UB10236235 • 362Z10 • Polled • 10/2/2012 • Gen:2 • AI

362Z10 is a second generation Ultrablack heifer. This heifer possess proven genetics on both top and bottom side of her pedigree. She is sired by the proven CRC Guardian 9U8U5 bull which sold for $60,000 at the Genetrust Sale at Chimney Rock in November 2013. Her dam is a daughter of Suhn's Next Step 331R7, one of the most proven maternal sires in the breed. 362Z10 passes calving ease genetics with well above breed average EPDs for weaning weight and yearling weight. She also has above breed average numbers for ribeye and IMF. She will become a solid breeding piece in our herd with new genetics to add to our genetic base.

Oaks Ms Csonka 803A1

R10235567 • 803A1 • Polled • 1/15/2013 • Gen:5 • AI

This heifer is full of growth while being very maternal. She is a Csonka daughter with an adjusted 205 day weight of 681 pounds to ratio at 109. Her dam has two calves recorded with an average weaning weight ratio of 107. She ranks in the top 2% for milk top 10% for yearling weightand top 15% for weaning weight. She ranks in the top 25% for Ribeye and IMF. All while having a top 2% ranking for SC. This heifer is something special. She will be moved into our donor progam as soon as she reaches age. We co-own this heifer with Clover Ranch.

DDD Ms Hope 820A5

R10243124 • 820A5 • Polled • 1/8/2013 • Gen:3 • ET

This Dillinger daughter is out of the Doguet Priscilla cow. She is easy to look at with all the body and bone that you could ask for in a female. She is also in the top 25% of breed for ribeye. Her growth is outstanding with weaning weight being in the top 5% and yearling weight in the top 30%. We think this heifer will be very competitive in the ring and extremely ptoductive in the pasture.

Ms Brinks Bella 535A8

R10246186 •535A8 • Polled • 4/25/2013 • Gen:5 • NS

Ms Brinks Bella 535A8 is the first daughter of Brinks Arabela 1038 to sell. Bella is super feminine, perfect in her soundness and has a classic Brangus female look. Her pedigree is dominated by breed matrons with economic signifi cance. If you combine the earnings of Miss Brinks Uppercut 30L18, Miss BB Independence 535W3, Miss BB New Newsmaker 392B3, Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14, Miss BB New Performer 392C4, Miss Brinks Trooper 535F61, Miss BB New Maverick 361B2, Miss BB New Kansas Jack 209C and Miss Brinks Ali 361L the total would be well over a million dollars. This heifer is destined for fame and fortune. But Bella’s biggest significance may be her balance of performance traits. In today’s beef industry as we see more opportunities than ever before, Bella represents a way to bring stability, consistency and balance to the forefront. She will be able to be mated to outliers and keep the basics of muscle, rib shape, soundness, fl eshing ability, fertility, longevity and eye appeal in line. She is a female that represents history, balance and endless dollar generating opportunities.