Donor Cows

Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6

R10083426 • 803T6 • Polled • 2/19/2007 • Gen:5 • AI

She is the dam of the $80,000 CB Passport 803Y11. She is sired by the fourth ranking IMF trait leader, Lambert. She posts impressive EPD combinations with an incredible 9 traits above breed average. She ranks in the breed's top 2% IMF, 30% yearling weight and top 30% ribeye. Her progeny records are equally as impressive as her EPDS with 5 at 106 weaning ratio and 3 at 104 yearling ratio. Much is said about stacking pedigrees when it comes to performance, and this female is stacked. She is also stacked in earning power. Together with her dam and maternal grand dams, 803P8, 803J and 803G, they have accumulated earnings in excess of $400,000.

Ms Brinks Singletary 541T42

R10083332 • 541T42 • Polled • 2/13/2007 • Gen:6 • ET

She is wide bodied with tremendous spring of rib, depth of flank and top. She embodies the soft look and fleshing ability everyone is seeking today. Powerful in her makeup while maintaining moderation of frame, 541T42 is sired by SC trait leader Singletary. Her dam is by the feed efficient, Good Fortune. She posts progeny records of 7 at 103 weaning ratio, 3 at 110 yearling ratio, 110 ribeye ratio and 122 IMF ratio. These drive her EPD rankings to the breed's TOP 1% in 5 breed rankings including weaning weight, yearling weight, ribeye, IMF and scrotal! That is Power! She is the epitome of a Brangus female.

Miss Brinks Upper Cut 30L18

R804219 • 30L18 • Polled • 9/23/2001 • Gen:5 • AI

Her first ET son, the $64,000 Csonka, is the 4th ranked trait leader for TM and SC, 8th for IMF, 12th for yearling weight and 20th for weaning weight. 101 Ranch purchased her for $80,000 and she generated over $217,000 in her life at Camp Cooley. She records top 1% SC, top 4% fat, top 10% ribeye, top 25% milk and top 30% yearling weight rankings in the Brangus breed. All in all, she has 8 out of 11 EPD traits in the top 40% of the breed. We are so pleased to have added the dam of a breed legend to our genetic lineup.

Miss Brinks Lead Time 468L

R788422 • 468L • Polled • 2/23/2001 • Gen:4 • AI

She is an own daughter of 468G5, and perhaps her best. She generated over $133,000 in progeny sales at Camp Cooley, and daughters retained generated over $69,000 in progeny sales through the first two dispersals. Her EPDs and phenotype lend herself well to some of the power bulls available today. She ranks in the top 1% for birthweight, top 10% for ribeye and IMF, and top 35% for Milk. She is proven!

Miss Brinks Tracker 468R80

R10034627 • 468R80 • Polled • 10/31/2005 • Gen:4 •ET

She is a powerful Tracker daughter and records curve bending EPDs with top 4% ribeye and fat, top 5 % birthweight, and top 10% weaning weight and yearling weight. She is a daughter of breed legend 468G15. Maternal siblings have generated over $330,000 in sales.

Ms Brinks Nimitz 99P52

R9693584 • 99P52 • Polled •9/21/2004• Gen:6 •ET

She is an easy fleshing, moderate cow with a calm temperament. At her first progeny sale at 101 ranch, she had the top selling bull and the 2nd top selling female. She ranks in the top 3% of the breed for milk, top 4% for fat, top 20% for scrotal and top 25% for birth weight.

Ms Brinks Csonka 541T7

R10082940 • 541T7 • Polled • 1/29/2007 • Gen:4 •ET

Super powerful Csonka daughter has growth, style and maternal qualities. Her EPDs speak for themselves. She has 8 out of 11 traits in the top 15% of the Brangus breed. Leading the way with top 2% ribeye, top 4% fat, top 10% scrotal, IMF and total maternal and top 15% weaning weight, yearling weight and milk.

Ms Brinks Transformer 133R8

R10003808 • 133R8 • Polled • 1/30/2005 • Gen:4 •ET

She is one of the top Transformer daughters in the breed. Her maternal sibs have generated over $88,000 in sales. She is the dam of the $14,000 high selling female in Cavender's 2015 Spring Sale. She records 10 @ 101 WR and 9 @ 107 YR and 108 REA ratio. Her genomically enhanced EPDs indicate rankings in the breed's top 2% REA and 10% YW with top 20% WW.

Ms Brinks Van Go 30N2

R9661122 • 30N2 • Polled • 1/08/2003 • Gen:5 •ET

She is the dam of Hill of Brinks, who saw service for years at The Oaks as a cleanup sire, Quannah, and LTD son working in the Happy R herd, and the good Largent son, 101 DH (Designated Hitter) still working in the 101 herd. She was the $34,000 selection of 101 in the 2008 Camp Cooley dispersal. Her individual ratios of 129 REA and 133 IMF drive EPDs ranking in the breed's top 10% REA and 15% IMF. She writes 8 EPD traits above breed average and records 26 progeny on the ground.

Ms Brinks Unitas 30T94

R10109493 •30T94• Polled • 9/20/2007 • Gen:5 • AI

She may be the most powerful Unitas daughter in the Brangus breed. She records 8 EPD traits in the breed's top 25% led by top 1% WW and YW and 15% REA with top 20% IMF and Milk. Progeny ratios indicate 10 @ 102 WR and 108 IMF ratios. Her first 5 bulls at auction include the leadoff pen at 101 on her Omar sons and the leadoff bull at Salacoa Valley sired by Atlanta and totaled $33,500. Her dam is a full sister to the $17,500 dam of Patton.

Ms Brinks Challenger 392L28

R804631 • 392L28 • Polled • 11/08/2001 • Gen:4 • NS

She is one of the proven donors in the breed. Her maternal sibs have sold for over $150,000. She is sired by a Challenger son who is a maternal brother to New Era and Captain. Her dam is one of the greatest Cowboy daughters to eat grass. At 14 years of age she still ranks in the breed's top 25% for REA and maintains top 30% BW EPDs. She left progeny in the herd at 101 by Csonka, Rockstar, Omar and Onstar.

Ms Brinks Bright Side 415P27

R9693667 • 415P27 • Polled • 9/25/2004 • Gen:5 •ET

She is a full sister to the $70,000 415R23 owned by Draggin M, Brushley Creek and Cross N Farm. Their dam is the great 415G donor who generated over $191,000 in her lifetime at Camp Cooley. 415P27 is sired by the iconic female producer, 607L11. She has ET progeny working in herds by On Star, Csonka and 33P6.

101 Ms Csonka 302W2

R10173084 • 302W2 • Polled • 10/06/2009 • Gen:6 • ET

She is one of our favorite young donors. Sired by multiple trait leader Csonka, she is out of the dam of Washington. Together her $50,000 dam, 302L9, and her $45,000 grand dam, 302H6, generated over $540,000 in revenue in their lifetimes at Camp Cooley and countless dollars since. 302W2 writes genomically enhanced EPDs ranking in the breed's top 5% REA, 10% WW and YW, 1% SC and 30% IMF.

Ms Brinks Ditka 99S28

R10046072 • 99S28 • Polled • 2/16/2006 • Gen:5 • AI

A high growth Ditka daughter that has done excellent job for us in our embryo transfer program. She ranks in the top 10% of the breed for weaning weight and scrotal, the top 20% for milk and the top 30% for yearling weight. Her maternal strength is evident as she has seven progeny with an average weaning weight ratio of 108. She is typical of the 99 cow family with her striking phenotype but possesses more growth than the majority of that cow family.

Ms Brinks GD Fortune 607R44

R10034647 • 607R44 • Polled • 11/09/2005 • Gen:5 • ET

She is a daughter of the feed efficiency champ, Good Fortune. Her calves have exhibited great growth. With her weaning weight in the top 10% of the breed and her yearling weight in the top 3%. She makes great replacement females with her milk in the top 15% and total maternal in the top 10%. Her carcass is also outstanding with ribeye in the top 20% and IMF in the top 10%. She has been a great asset to our herd.